EzeAs Fixing Tape (boxed 4 x 3M rolls)

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    EzeAs Fixing Tape (boxed 4 x 3M rolls) 30mm x 12M total
    Includes 2 x storage bags

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    Introducing EzeAs Fixing Tape – the revolutionary adhesive solution that will change the way you organize and decorate! This cutting-edge tape is designed to securely hold your items in place without leaving any residue or damaging surfaces. With its strong adhesion characteristics, you can easily attach it to walls, glass, tiles, and more, making it perfect for home, office, or DIY projects. Whether you're hanging photos, organizing your workspace, or even mounting decorations, EzeAs Fixing Tape offers the versatility and reliability you need. Say goodbye to traditional tapes and adhesives – embrace the future of seamless, reusable, and mess-free bonding with EzeAs Fixing Tape!

    EzeAs Fixing Tape
    4 Rolls: Total 30mm x 12m
    Reusable Double Sided Tape

    Strong Adhesion | Reusable | Washable | Traceless | Non Toxic | Indoor / Outdoor
    -10°C to 65°C | No nails, screws, drilling

    Suggested Uses:

    Suitable for the following surfaces:

    • Metal

    • PVC

    • Wood

    • Plastic

    • Ceramic tile

    • Glass

    • Plasterboard

    • Granite bench tops

    Use Examples:

    • Mount power boards

    • Secure furniture

    • Temporary decorations (car, party, wedding)

    • Car navigation

    • Mount paintings

    • Secure rugs/mats

    • Secure gadgets

    • Bathroom shelving

    • Spice racks

    • Outdoor signage (temporary and semi permanent)

    When using Fixing Tape, it is important to ensure that it is fully sandwiched between the two surfaces being fixed, and that no tape is left exposed. To activate the adhesive, press firmly and hold the surfaces in place for a few seconds.

    When fixing surfaces vertically, it is important to use Fixing Tape on smooth and uniformly hard surfaces that are non-porous. To ensure proper fixation, a rule of thumb value (ROT) of 12cm of 30mm tape per 500 grams should be used, with a maximum weight of 4.5kg. For larger surface areas, it is recommended to have at least 70% coverage of Fixing Tape. For example, a powerboard measuring 50mm x 3100mm should be affixed with two strips or their equivalent, each measuring 18cm. Similarly, a powerboard measuring 90mm x 3100mm should be affixed with three strips or their equivalent, each measuring 22cm.

    Fixing items horizontally using Fixing Tape has the advantage of gravity, requiring less tape compared to vertical fixation. This makes it an ideal solution for furniture on tiled floors. When fixing furniture with limited contact with the ground, such as items with legs, it is important to fully cover the contact areas with Fixing Tape. For mats and carpets, using a full strip of tape along each end is recommended due to their porous nature and the force exerted by movement over them. For horizontal fixation of power-boards and similar items, a rule of thumb value (ROT) of 7cm per 500 grams is recommended.

    To ensure optimal performance of your Fixing Tape, it is important to keep it sealed until you are ready to use it. Once opened, store the tape in the provided zip locked bags. If you need to reactivate the adhesive for reuse, simply wash the tape under running water and blow dry it gently. After use, store the tape rolled with a plastic (PET) or baking paper interleave.

    1. Temporary sealing or protection against moisture, mold, and bacteria: To seal an affected area, clean and dry it first, and then apply the Fixing Tape while pressing firmly. You can leave the protective film on, or remove it to allow the tacky surface to dry, resulting in a smooth plastic finish.

    2. Fixing electronic cables: Fixing Tape is also suitable for fixing electronic cables to car interiors, desktops, furniture sides, etc. Press the tape firmly over the cable to fix it to the surface, and use a piece of the tape backing to mold the tape firmly around the cable. Leave it to dry, allowing the exposed sticky surface to become a smooth plastic finish.

    When using Fixing Tape on painted surfaces, it is important to remove it with slow and gentle force while using a water mist sprayer. Removing the tape with too much force can remove the paint.

    Fixing Tape should not be used for structural purposes, and should not be used in areas above 65°C (such as ovens and air fryers) or below -10°C (such as freezers and cold stores).

    Additionally, the full 30mm width of the tape must be in contact with both surfaces. For example, mounting a 1.5kg plastic bottle will fail because the tape cannot adhere completely across its width and will work itself loose.