EzeAs Fixing Tape

At home in the Bathroom

Bathrooms typically have lots of hard non porous surfaces, making it an ideal room to use EzeAs Fixing Tape. From a corner shelf in the shower, to a wall mounted sensor lights, under cabinet lights, hand towel rails, and securing decorations, Ezeas Fixing Tape is perfect for the job. The Fixing Tape is mold and mildew resistant and can handle the wide temperature range in a shower.

When mounting a shower shelf, using a corner shelf sitting is optimum as securing points are larger, however, single wall shelves are also possible of the back of the shelf is a large solid surface for the tape to adhere to. When fixing a shelf in the shower, ensure that the surface is clean and dry. Cover the back of the shelf entirely with Fixing Tape, making sure that no tape is exposed and is fully sandwiched between the tow surfaces. Take into account the weight of items that you intend to place on the shelf. A full bottle of Shampoo can weigh up to 1Kg.

When mounting a hand towel rail, it is essential that the mounting point be large, flat and smooth. Fixing Tape cannot the adapted to mount suction type rails, or rails with very small fixing areas. For best results, purchase a rail with a large backing plate or retrofit a large backing plate to an existing rail.

When it comes to lights in the bathroom, most modern LED lights are light weight in design and have long flat surfaced which is ideal for use  with Fixing Tape.  Follow the 70% rule of thumb in tape coverage for the back of the fitting, making sure both surfaces are clean and dry.

Fixing tape can also be used to seal edges on a temporary or semi-permanent basis. Seal the edge of a sink, along the edge of a shower screen, even a leaking pipe. Make sure the surfaces are clean and dry and as a tip, Fixing Tape will adhere to itself very well.