EzeAs Fixing Tape

Holding a mat in place

Mats and rugs can be a great addition to your tiled or wooden floors, but they can be a hassle when they constantly move around due to children, pets, or robot vacuums. Fortunately, EzeAs Fixing Tape is here to help! Our Fixing Tape is perfect for anchoring mats and rugs to the floor, even if the materials are quite porous.

To ensure the best results, use a strip of Fixing Tape across the ends of the mat with as much tape on the seam as possible while still remaining hidden. Roll back the ends of the mat and apply the tape to the mat on both ends. Position the mat with the ends upturned and peel back the backing. Gently roll the mat end with the exposed tape onto the floor, being careful not to dislodge the mat from its preferred position. Before sticking the other end, gently pull the mat out without stretching it so that it is extended to its most natural position. Remove the protective tape and gently fold the remaining flap onto the floor, keeping a slight tension on the mat as you do. This will ensure that the mat lies completely flat and un-bunched. Once the mat is secure, walk along each end, ensuring maximum adhesion with the tape.

For larger mats, you may need to place a length of tape along the long side of the mat in the middle to cater to the force of foot traffic across a larger area and hold it in place.

To keep your mats clean, vacuum as normal, and for a more thorough clean, you can even use a carpet cleaner in place. If you need to remove the mat for cleaning, gently peel it up from the tape and remove. To re-install, wash the tape with a very wet cloth and allow it to dry. Gently run a hair dryer over the tape to reactivate the adhesive. Roll the mat up, leaving one end exposed. Press this end onto the tape still adhered to the floor, roll out the mat with mild tension, and press the other end into the adhesive tape. Once the mat is secure, walk along each end, ensuring maximum adhesion with the tape.

Say goodbye to sliding mats and rugs and enjoy a stable and secure floor with EzeAs Fixing Tape.